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Why is Hyaluronic Acid Good for your Face?


Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by our bodies with about half of the amount occurring in our skin. The  main function of hyaluronic acid in our skin s  to retain water. Unfortunately, through our  natural aging process and exposure to things like UV radiation, sun, wind and pollution the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases.

After we turn 40,  the decrease in the hyaluronic acid in our skin starts to become evident. We begin to notice this with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. Just like the decrease in our collagen and elastin occurs naturally, so does the decrease in hyaluronic acid occur.  Thankfully though, there are things we can do to help.

Most importantly is our daily diet which affects our skin (and overall health) significantly. Ensure you are eating fruits and vegetables with plenty of antioxidants to help protect your skin from inflammation which in turn helps the skin retain and produce hyaluronic acid. Examples of foods great for your skin include avocado, nuts, watercress, blueberries, broccoli and red bell peppers which are full of antioxidants.

When hyaluronic acid is used in creams and serums it helps skin appear plumper and younger as it improves the skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is so effective at pulling moisture to the surface of our skin as long as it is in just one of your skincare products then you should get the benefits.

The best way to use hyaluronic acid is on slightly damp skin and then immediately following with your moisturiser.

Hyaluronic acid also comes in Injectable forms which you may know by the brand name of Juvederm or Restylane. When injected it creates volume in the area making your skin appear plump and youthful. Since hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by our bodies it is relatively safe but not without its potential side effects such as bruising but as always, if using injectables, ensure you go to a trained professional such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.





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