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What’s my skin type?

what is your skin type

What’s my skin type?

It is important to correctly identify your skin type to ensure you are using the best products for your skin type to ensure you have healthy glowing skin.

Although there are 4 main skin types : Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination you can also have sensitive and acne prone skin in conjunction with these. Wondering what skin type you are? Keep reading while we guide you to determining which you are.

 1 – Normal skin

Your skin feels smooth, there is no dryness, no flakiness, no patches of oiliness. Although you can see your pores, they are not enlarged. Although you can occasionally have a dry or oily patch it resolves easily.

 2 – Dry Skin

Dry skin lacks moisture and you will notice after washing your face, it feels tight. You can have patches of flaky areas and fine lines are particularly prominent. . Dry skin can become easily irritated if not kept hydrated.  Dry skin is particularly sensitive to sun and wind so always wear a sunscreen and cover up if its particularly windy.

3 – Combination Skin

Combination skin usually has an oily T-zone – so your forehead, nose and/or chin can feel oily and shiny but the rest of your face can be dry or normal. You may be prone to breakouts and you can see open pores. This is probably the most common skin type.

4 – Oily Skin

Your skin looks shiny and you are prone to breakouts. You will have large pores particularly around your nose. You will need to thoroughly cleanse your skin and using products rich in Vitamin A and retinol can help. Be careful what make up you choose to use and always remove your makeup before bed.

Whatever skin type you are it is very important to keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and using an SPF every day. Particularly concerned about fine lines and breakouts? Then the D’Avoire Cleansing bar is a must, rich in Vitamin A it will be your new best friend.



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