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Our Story

After years of trying the most expensive products
on the market to cure blemished and acne prone skin,
a simple and natural solution was born.


Using only natural ingredients along with
carrot, coconut and vitamin A, we created D’Ivoire skin;
where nature meets luxury care for your skin.


We believe the best skincare is the kind that not only
nourishes and repairs your skin, but also cares for the
environmental footprint we leave behind.


That’s why we insist on truly effective ingredients,
environmentally sustainable packaging, and honest
claims to make your skin shine like never before.


All this with a touch of luxury that will make you feel
pampered, knowing you are doing your best for your
skin and the environment.


We believe in contributing to our community and
proudly sponsor local and international causes and
we donate 15% of all profits to charity

All our skincare is palm and paraben free.

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