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The Number One Key to Success, @Hookedonhena

The Number One Key to Success

D’Avoire Skincare is pleased to have beauty Influencer Hena Bangash host a regular blog. This is her first telling us about her journey in becoming the successful influencer she is. Here she answers the commonly asked questions.
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“I never intended to be an influencer. I started off with the intent to help the community. As an expat I felt there was a need for a platform that provided specially to our Desi community in Dubai. A decade back women were still reluctant to meet other women through online platforms in the Emirates. There was no one bridging the gap. That’s where my group UAE MUMS came in. The group gained a lot of hype within a few months due to the networking events hosted in all Emirates which were attended by women from all walks of life. As the group gained popularity so did I. Soon the media recognized my efforts for the community events and the intensive charity work done through the group for blue collar workers. Even though I didn’t have a Facebook page or Instagram account then. Brands started approaching me and sponsoring me. They saw me as an influencer long before I saw myself as one.

Currently I am on Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat only and most of my followers are UAE based.”

“As an influencer I get to try so many new and named brands. It would be so hard to choose one as I have so many favourite products. But the ultimate are the bukhoors / oudh by @Al Haramain.”

As for goals, I believe in setting short term goals leading to a bigger goal. I also envision where I want to see myself after a year and work towards that. My goal for 2021 is to socialize less. I have been long enough on the social scene to see how much time I have wasted on outfits, accessories and meetups that never lead to real connections. Although I don’t see anything wrong in socializing I feel that it all depends on what makes you happy and being at parties day and night no longer makes me happy. I want to use my time to travel more, paint more, read and use my time to better myself as a human being.

I get a lot of messages from people on how to succeed. My one advice is that there are no shortcuts. You have to put in the hours. Be consistent and honest with your work and you will get there.
As for my routine, I have a simple daily beauty routine. I drink loads of water. I believe in the power of praying and along with that I use a proper sunscreen, moisturizer and a retinol at night.
One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I am extremely forgiving. I let go easily and I think one should move on for their own sake. Forgiving and moving on brings you freedom and freedom brings you wings to fly to wherever you want.

I can’t live without desserts. Although I am a mindful eater. I like a good piece of chocolate a day.
The thing I love most about being an influencer is my followers feedback. Their sweet messages when they try a product I have recommended and liked. When I touch someone’s life in some way. Those messages make it worth my while and I feel like I am doing something right.

I think the posts that generate the most engagement is where I post something about Ali (my husband) and I.

How to start off ? Well if someone is starting on social media whether it’s any platform I think they should pick a nice username, post content that’s not very generic and do a lot of research before starting and find their niche. Also keep in mind the correct times of posting content and again let it make you happy and not vice versa. Some very handy tools to use on Instagram are are viva video, Lightroom and snap seed.
The number one key to success is do your own thing although there is no harm in following trends and being inspired remember that no one is you. You are unique and being you will bring you success of course along with the hard work.
A typical day in my life is an early morning with a big cup of Karak chai. I don’t eat breakfast. By 11am I am done with instructions and the housekeeper knows  exactly  what has to be done. By 12 I leave home for a review or hit the gym. I like to be back home by 2.30 so I can be at the table when my kids have their lunch. My afternoons are spent with my kids and evenings are reserved for reading or painting or anything that brings me joy. Late evening is usually watching football with Ali. And no, I am not interested in football. I watch it because he (my husband) enjoys it and I enjoy his company.

And until next time you are off the hook!

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