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How your phone is ageing you

How your phone is ageing you

Did you know blue light, that light that comes from electronic devices such as your phone and TV as well as fluorescent lighting has an effect on your sleep and your skin? Especially during these times of lockdown we are all spending more time in front of electronic devices so it is very important to be aware of the effect of blue light and what you can do to protect yourself.

The blue light from things like our phones or computer screen can penetrate our skin deeper than UV light passing to the subcutis layer which lies beneath the skin. Our skin has three main layers – first is the epidermis which is the top layer of your skin and can be very thin in places like around your eyes. The second layer is the dermis which,  among other things is responsible things like growing hair and producing oil which, if they produce too much can lead to pimples and acne. The final layer is the subcutaneous layer The bottom and innermost layer of skin is the subcutaneous fat layer. This layer plays an important role in your body by doing things such as attaching the dermis to your muscles and bones and provides insulation for your body keeping you warm.

Whereas sunlight is undoubtedly the main source of light that we are exposed to, as we are closer to our phones and computers for a prolonged time this up close and personal exposure is significant and not to be ignored as we spend so much time in front of our electronic devices.

Simple solutions to protect yourself from harmful blue light is to ensure you always wear a sunscreen, even if you are not going to be in the sun, get a phone blue light screen shield which can be purchased very inexpensively or, use your smartphone’s setting in night mode which will turn off blue light in favour of yellow light.

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