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Supporting women in education

CCMW Women who inspire

D’Avoire Skincare are proud to be a Gold sponsor for CCMW (Canadian Council of Muslim Women and providing a scholarship for a Canadian Muslim female student wishing pursuing post-secondary education.

D’Avoire was proud to be a Gold sponsor at the 2020 CCMW “Women Who Inspire Awards”, which brings together Canadian Muslim women of diverse backgrounds to celebrate those who have achieved excellence in sports, business, education, arts, community service and leadership. This initiative was launched in 2007 to recognize Canadian Muslim women who have made a difference in the lives of other people in Canada and/or abroad.

The awards recognize accomplishments of Canadian Muslim women and girls and their contributions to racial and gender equality. ‘Women Who Inspire’ is a platform to celebrate women who have excelled and who serve as role models of Muslim faith, culture and leadership on issues affecting Canadian Muslim communities.

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) is an organisation dedicated to the empowerment, equality and equity of all Muslim women in Canada. Their mission is to affirm the identities of Canadian Muslim women and promote their lived experiences through community engagement, public policy, stakeholder engagement and amplified awareness of the social injustices that Muslim women and girls endure in Canada, while advocating for their diverse needs.

D’Avoire Skincare encourage our readers to look at the excellent work CCMW does and to support this organisation.

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